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Logging on to Sharepoint sites.

First you will need to confirm that you have access to the sharepoint site in question. The person to confirm access will depend on which site you are accessing. 

Sharepoint sites use your whg domain credentials to authenticate.

If you are already signed into webmail for example the sharepoint site will automatically connect as you are already authenticated.

When you go to the sharepoint URL; it will first give you the Office365 sign in page. Once you enter your username and click on the password box it will redirect you to a sign in page or you will get a proxy prompt to authenticate. Here you will have to use you whg username and password to sign in. 

Note** You must put in the in the username so Office365 knows where to redirect you.


If you want to add a favourite or bookmark the HR site; please use the original URL and not the URL after you sign in.